Who We Are

  • Largest privately held oil and gas producer in California, and fourth largest of all California producers.
  • Recently-formed oil and gas company with substantial financial backing investing in California resources.
  • First-class workforce experienced in California’s sophisticated operating environment.
  • Skilled leadership team with a proven track record
  • Operationally headquartered in Bakersfield with executive offices in Denver.

We Are Committed To

  • Building our business for the long-term concentrating on operational excellence and investing in our people and enterprise
  • Actively supporting of our neighboring communities and business partners
  • Maximizing the value of the Company’s asset base through organic growth
  • Executing accretive strategic acquisitions that benefit from the expertise of our people
  • Generating value for all of our stakeholders and offering employees an opportunity to participate in the value creation of the Company

World Class Onshore California Assets

  • San Joaquin Valley – world class thermal, heavy oil assets in the Midway-Sunset, McKittrick, Cymric and S. Belridge fields; development is focused on leveraging Company experience on thermal diatomite, managing mature steam floods, and thin-bedded, multi-zone steam floods
  • Coastal – combination of large thermal, heavy oil development opportunity in Arroyo Grande, and light oil horizontal development in Lompoc
  • LA Basin – world class water flood assets in billion-barrel OOIP fields in Inglewood and Montebello; development is focused on injection conformance and banked oil recompletions as a result of reservoir simulation modeling

Benefits at Sentinel Peak Resources

  • Career Development
  • Connect with Experience Professionals Leading their Fields
  • A Safe and Healthy Work Environment




Denver, CO
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Bakersfield, CA