We value people who develop and utilize their skills, have strong moral integrity, are stewards of the environment we operate in, and hold themselves accountable for contributing to the companies success.

Who We Are

  • Largest privately held oil and gas producer in California, and fourth largest of all California producers
  • Recently-formed oil and gas company with substantial financial backing investing in California resources
  • First-class workforce experienced in California’s sophisticated operating environment
  • Skilled leadership team with a proven track record
  • Operationally headquartered in Bakersfield with executive offices in Denver

We Are Committed To

  • Building our business for the long-term while concentrating on operational excellence and investing in our people and enterprise.
  • Actively supporting of our communities and business partners
  • Maximizing the value of the Company’s asset base through organic growth
  • Executing accretive strategic acquisitions that benefit from the expertise of our people
  • Generating value for all of our stakeholders and offering employees an opportunity to participate in the value creation of the Company

World Class Assets

  • San Joaquin Valley – world class thermal, heavy oil assets in the Midway-Sunset, McKittrick, Cymric and S. Belridge fields; development is focused on leveraging Company experience on thermal diatomite, managing mature steam floods, and thin-bedded, multi-zone steam floods
  • Coastal – combination of large thermal, heavy oil development opportunity in Arroyo Grande, and light oil horizontal development in Lompoc
  • LA Basin – world class water flood assets in billion-barrel OOIP fields in Inglewood and Montebello; development is focused on injection conformance and banked oil recompletions as a result of reservoir simulation modeling

Benefits at Sentinel Peak

  • Generous Compensation and Benefit Packages
  • Keen focus on Professional and Leadership Career Development
  • Connect with Experience Professionals Leading their Fields
  • A Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Work in an organization committed to the community and environment