Health & Safety

We recognize that the preservation of the environment and the health and safety of our employees and our neighbors are our highest priorities.


We are focused on acquiring, developing, and exploring oil and gas assets in the most environmentally conscientious way possible. We include the environment in our operational and financial decision-making processes which we believe leads to better decisions. Through innovation, thoughtful safeguards, and responsible operations, we are able to minimize our environmental impact. Some standards and principles we use to achieve these goals include:


  • Reducing pollutants and air emissions
  • Managing solid waste
  • Managing process wastewater and produced water
  • Conserving and recycling water
  • Preventing uncontrolled oil and gas releases and implementing appropriate and timely responses
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure (roads, pipelines, etc.)
  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable laws, regulations, and industry best-practices
  • Acting as a good steward of our sites by decommissioning, remediating, and reclaiming them for future purposeful reuse

Health & Safety

We strive to create a culture where safety is every employee’s responsibility and priority. Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is accomplished through the following:


  • Dedication to adherence to company policy
  • Empowering employees to have an impact on safety
  • Training and retraining programs
  • Investigating, correcting, and preventing unsafe work conditions