Owner Relations

How do I make a change to my address?

Fill out the change of address form here and send the completed portion to Sentinel Peak Resources at:

Mailing Address:

Sentinel Peak Resources
6501 East Belleview Avenue
Suite 400
Englewood, CO 80111

How do I setup direct deposit for my revenue checks?

Fill out the direct deposit form here and send the completed form with a voided check to:

Mailing Address:

Sentinel Peak Resources
6501 East Belleview Avenue
Suite 400
Englewood, CO 80111

How do I make other changes to my account?
Visit of Change of Ownership page here.
When are revenue checks mailed?
Revenue checks are mailed monthly by the last day of the month following the month of production. Revenue checks are mailed to all owners with a balance due to them of over $100.00. If the balance on the account is not over $100.00, a revenue check may not be issued to you each month. Once a year, revenue checks will be mailed to all owners regardless of balance due.
When can I expect to receive my 1099?
The 1099 will be mailed no later than January 31st each year. Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.

Your 1099 will report gross royalties paid during the previous calendar year. It will also include your total deductions and taxes applied to your checks. The gross royalty minus your deductions and taxes will equal the total net payment you received in the previous year.

What does SPR require to confirm ownership rights for unclaimed property with the California State Controller’s Office?
Unclaimed property owners should provide a copy of any documents received from the California State Controller’s unclaimed property division, as well as the physical address of the property associated with the minerals for which they are receiving or received royalties. In addition, any documents providing proof of ownership are helpful in expediting this process.
Can SPR provide me with the property address for which I am receiving royalties?
The owner must provide us with ample information to research the inquiry, such as owner numbers, mineral deeds, or lease documents. In many instances, we may only be able to provide a vicinity in which the property is bound.


Download by clicking on a form below:

Change of Ownership

All documents related to a change of ownership may either be scanned and emailed to SPR-ownerrelations@eag1source.com or mailed to:

Sentinel Peak Resources
C/O EAG1Source/Pepper Well Files
2628 Highway 36 S, PMB 283
Brenham, TX 77833-9616

Sentinel Peak Resources transfers ownership interests based on record title. Documents that are required to be of public record must be recorded in the county recorder’s office where the minerals are located. Upon receipt of required documents, please allow 60-90 days for your request to be processed.

Address Change

Enroll or change revenue Direct Deposit

Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact

  • Copy of Power of Attorney

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Recorded conveyance (if applicable)
  • Order naming trustee of bankruptcy estate

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  • Plan of reorganization
  • Order confirming the plan of reorganization

Change in Trustee

  • Instrument by which the Successor Trustee was appointed

Company Name Change

  • Certificate of Name Change including Tax I.D.
  • New W-9

Change due to Merger

  • Documentation of ancillary probate proceedings opened in all affected states
  • W-9 forms for beneficiaries
  • Copy of last will and testament

Death of Owner WITHOUT a will

  • Death Certificate
  • Letters of administration
  • Final decree of distribution or judgment of possession recorded in the county where the property
    is located
  • If a final decree of distribution cannot be provided, a certified copy of Affidavit of Real Property of Small Value, pursuant to PROBATE CODE 13200, recorded in the county in which the paying property is located and all supporting documents required by the county clerk’s office.
  • W-9 forms for beneficiaries

Joint Tenancy with death of one tenant

  • Death Certificate of decreased tenant Life Estate-Death

Life Tenant’s Death Certificate

  • Names and addresses of remaindermen

Name Change

  • Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree reinstating maiden name or other legal document of
    name change

Ownership Change due to Divorce

  • Complete Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement and recorded conveyances (if applicable)

Sale of Interest

  • Complete copy of conveyance document filed of record in the county in which the property is located
  • W-9 form for new owner (if applicable)

Trust or Partnership creation or dissolution

  • Trust or Partnership Agreement and recorded conveyance(s) (if applicable)

Creation or termination of a trust

  • Copy of trust agreement or certification of trust
  • Copy of recorded deed conveying minerals into or out of trust
  • W-9 form for trust/trustee/new owner