Our People

We recognize that the preservation of the environment and the health and safety of our employees and our neighbors are our highest priorities.

Health and Safety

We believe safety is every employee’s responsibility and priority, and we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment. It is every employee’s job to create a work environment aimed at eliminating occupational health and safety hazards to the extent possible.

We take a systematic approach to identifying and mitigating health and safety risks. Key elements include:

  • Dedication to adherence to Company policy. Foundational to our safety, health, and environmental program is compliance with internal and external standards. All levels of our leadership and management hold responsibility for assigning responsibility and establishing accountability measures for safety and health performance. All safety and health policies and practices must be followed by every employee, and each employee must take individual responsibility for their own safety and that of their co-workers.
  • Training and retraining programs. We have extensive and rigorous safety training programs for our employees and contractors. In addition to mandatory training programs, we have weekly operations safety meetings, monthly Companywide safety meetings and project specific training. Monthly safety meetings also cover environmental compliance topics from stormwater and air emissions to hazardous waste handling.
  • Investigating, correcting, and preventing unsafe work conditions. Safe work procedures for critical tasks are provided, offering clear expectations and requirements that must be met to perform the work safely. We have established operating guidelines and procedures to identify potential safety hazards and processes to mitigate safety risks.
  • Emergency management and response planning. Employees are trained to perform their responsibilities, emphasizing the hierarchy of protection of people, environment and property. We maintain spill management team, conduct annual spill drills, and emergency response training.
Safety Improvements

employee recruitment, training and development

At Sentinel Peak, we invest in our employees through talent attraction, robust training and career development programs, and promoting diversity and inclusion across our organization. We are proud to foster a culture focused on connection and growth and one that has a positive impact on the communities where we operate. We believe one of the most valuable investments we make are in the development of our more than 200 employees.

Recruiting and Retention
We recruit from various sources including local colleges, trade and professional organizations as well organizations specifically targeted at diverse members of the oil and gas industry and related professions. Additionally, our applicant tracking systems shares Company job postings with diversity networks. We focus on hiring from our local communities; many of our operations are located in areas that have economic challenges and we believe that providing the local community with career opportunities is important.

Our voluntary employee turnover rate in 2022 was approximately 9%.

Pay and Benefits
We offer professional jobs that provide generous compensation and benefits. To support the success and well-being of our employees and their families, benefits include:

    • tuition reimbursement and paid training (including in-house programs).
    • health coverage that includes Sentinel Peak’s payment of >80% of premiums, and offers a choice of diverse plans to employees.
    • family leave for medical events, births, adoptions and foster care, COVID related childcare and family related leave.

Training and Development
We provide targeted position-specific training and broader skill development for both field and professional staff. This training addresses both soft and technical skills, and include a variety of formats and locations:

    • industry and skill-specific training;
    • opportunity to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees relevant to the business.
    • online education sessions, including certifications, that allow job specific skills training.
    • enterprise level training platform to upscale skills or attend cross-functional training.

Sentinel Peak also engages and brings onsite professors from local colleges who teach a variety of courses to interested employees.

Our annual average training hours vary per year, with an average of 15 hours for the most recent year:

Training Hours Per Employee

All employees have the opportunity to compose individual development plans. Additionally, employees participate in semi-annual performance review and self-assessments, which include calibration with the employee’s manager and the opportunity for suggested training.

Sentinel Peak provides a culture that is open to feedback and provides interaction between management and all employees. We hold quarterly Town Hall meetings and offer unfiltered access to our Chief Executive Officer and other members of executive management through open door policies and regularly scheduled “ask me anything” sessions.

Diversity, EQUITY, and Inclusion

Sentinel Peak is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed. Our Human Resources Manager and Sentinel Peak’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee provide oversight on our efforts as well as suggestions for further initiatives.

Currently we have an average gender diversity of 17% and racial / ethnic diversity of 35%. Our specific breakdown by level over the past three years is as follows:

Diversity Chart

We provide regular training programs to promote a diverse workforce: diversity, equity and inclusion; unconscious bias; micro aggression and cultural awareness; and sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination prevention. In 2022, 100% of Sentinel’s workforce completed the Company-sponsored DE&I training. New employees are required to complete all of this training within the first 90 days of employment.